PalmarySoft Alarms Version: 1.1

PalmarySoft Alarms Version: 1.1

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Version: 1.1
Alarms is powerful alarm clock program. Flexible adjustments of repeating allows you never miss any important event!
Support of MIDI/WAW/MP3/OGG files allows you to use any music you like for alarm sound.
* Unlimited number of independent alarms
* Quick titles for frequently used alarms
* Flexible hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly repeating adjustments
* Extended sound preferences
* MIDI, ringtones support
* WAW/MP3/OGG support
* Android 1.5 support

Update Description:
* Templates of most commonly used alarms
* Backup of alarms list on SD card
* German, Russian and Chinese localizations
* An ability to play sound when the phone is in silent mode
* An icon of active alarm in system status bar
* Some bugs are fixed

عكس ضميمه
نوع فايل: jpg uuuuuuuuuuuuu.jpg (74.1 كيلو بايت)
فايل ضميمه
نوع فايل: apk PalmarySoftAlarms_v1.1.apk (128.0 كيلو بايت)

ادامه این مطلب در لینک مقابل سايت تخصصي موبايل“)


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